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advertising copywriting   August, '09, "How to make headlines make money for you"
Direct response copywriting tips
advertising copywriting   March, '09, "Don't Be Shy. Ask For The Sale!"
How a copywriter can get the prospect to act
advertising copywriting  

Mid-November, '08, "Copywriting tips for making money in a tough economy"
Copywriting tips you can use now

advertising copywriting   August, '08, "PURLs of wisdom for direct marketers"
Ideas for direct response email marketers
  May, '08, "How to "upsell" on the Web - A copywriting case history"
A time-tested way to increase sales and profits
  April, '08, "The Inc. magazine "Pay what you want" offer - A case history follow-up"
A case history follow-up
  March, '08, "How a copywriter can create a killer offer"
Copywriting the offer – Inc. magazine
  August '07: "Five quick copywriting tips to remember"
Every direct response copywriter should keep these in mind
  July '07: "Don't Be Shy - A Direct Response Copywriter Asks For The Sale"
A Direct Response Copywriter Asks For The Sale
  May, '07: "This "magic word" still has its power"
For direct response copywriters, "FREE" still works
  March, '07: "Two kinds of headlines. Which should YOU be using?"
Direct response copywriting - teaser vs. benefit headlines.
  December, '06: "On a chilly December morning, this diligent copywriter sat down to work"
How to copywrite a high-impact marketing letter
  November, '06: "Doing lead generation? Sell the offer, not the product!"
Generate leads by selling your offer, not the product
  October, '06: "You Need A Lift!"
How to copywrite a lift letter
  September, '06: "Eight Ideas For Better Brochures"
Tips for copywriting better brochures
  August, '06: "When "Creativity" Can Kill"
A copywriter's guide to writing effective headlines
  July, '06: "Quick answers to questions about how to copywrite a money-making sales letter"
Ten ways to improve your marketing or sales letter
  June, '06: "Junk Mail Or Moneymaker? The Two-Second Decision"
Why it's so important to get to the point quickly
  March, 06: "This is about 'you'"
Explains the difference between the writing styles of advertising agency
copywriters and direct response copywriters.
  November, 05: "Watch out! E-mail isn't the same as paper mail!"
Outlines some crucial differences every copywriter should be aware of
  January, '05, "How to make fulfillment mailings make money -
Seven practical tips"

Great ideas for making your fulfillment materials more effective
  December, '04, "Mailing Frequency -- How often is enough?"
Answers this important question for direct mailers
  July, '04, "Want to boost direct mail response rates? Don't forget to test!"
Here are some testing basics worth checking out!
  January, '04, "Nine things you should know about the new anti-spam law --
A quick guide for e-mail marketers"

Here's information every emailer should be aware of
  October, '02, "The Crisis in E-mail Marketing - And How To Survive It"
Must-read information for every email marketer
  March, '02, "These are a few (more) of my favorite things"
Some of my favorite resources
  February, '02,"Which E-mail Format Works Best -
Plain-text Or HTML?"

Answers one of email marketers' most pressing questions
  May, '01: "Weekends Are For Wimps"
Why focusing on benefits always makes marketing success
  August 15, '00: "These are a few of my favorite things"
Excellent resources worth your attention
  July, 00: "How To Write E-mail (When You Can't Be Bold)"
A guide to writing text-only emails
  June, 99: "How to turn free software trials into sales"
Good stuff here for software marketers
  May, 99: "How to create an online product 'tour'- a case history"
Here are practical tips for tech marketers
  April, 99: "Home sweet home page"
Ideas you can use to create an effective home page