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April, '18, "Is your landing page too long or too short?"
Copywriting an effective landing page
March, '18, "Want more sales? Keep on truckin'!"
Direct response copywriting - Using the "side-by-side" technique
February, '18, "Eight ways to create money-making headlines"
Headlines are the key to copywriting success. Don't miss these hot tips!
January, '18, "Eight ways to generate more leads"
Copywriting tips for better lead generation
December, '17, "Which email performance-metric should you use?"
Important info for the email copywriter
November, '17, "Get big profits from small ads!"
What every copywriter needs to know
October, '17, "8 type and layout facts you need to know now!"
Ideas for making your copywriting get read
September, '17, "Is your copywriter thinking or coasting?"
You deserve someone who’s awake on the job!
August, '17, "Three killer lines that made the sale"
What convinced this copywriter to act
July, '17, "Three humbling mistakes I have made"
What this copywriter learned about the importance of testing
June, '17, "What I learned from my father"
Some thoughts on Father’s Day
June, '17, "How to judge an ad, email, or web page"
Shows the importance of copywriting benefit-oriented headlines
May, '17, "Position" your brand in a new way - A case history"
Important advice from an experienced copywriter
April, '17, "My career as doctor, lawyer, bricklaye"
Why a copywriter's career mimics those of other professionals
March, '17, "My favorite unpublished ad campaign"
Copywriting an advertising campaign
February, '17, What's the right length for a headline?"
The long and short of it from a copywriting pro
January, '17, "P.S. I Love You"
How a copywriter can increase response rates with a P.S.
December, '16, "How to GUARANTEE direct response success!"
Valuable advice from an experienced copywriter
November, '16, "Bullets make powerful marketing ammo!"
Sweat the details. Sweet the profits
October, '16, "I feel your pain...How to push the "Ouch!" button"
Why fear and pain are a copywriter’s best friend
September, '16, "Which works better . . . "Image" or direct response advertising?"
A copywriter's thoughts on which is more effective
August, '16, " Email research that can make you a winner!"
Don’t miss these six copywriting resources
July, '16, "The right place for passion"
It’s the bedroom. Not your copy.
June, '16, "SEO Secrets . . . from the source!"
A valuable free resource for copywriters
May, '16, "Make more money by cross selling!"
Here’s the smart way to generate more revenue
April, '16, "What's the right length for your landing page?"
Practical advice for the web copywriter
March, '16, "7 ways to get your envelope opened"
The first job of a direct mail copywriter
February, '16, "How they murdered a post card and lost an election"
Is your copywriter paying attention to details?
January, '16, "Let's you and me do a test together"
Copywriting: Let’s see if we can beat your control
December, '15, "Four ways to overcome buyer skepticism"
How to get the prospect on your side
November, '15, "The right way to write FAQs"
Important advice for copywriters
October, '15, "Are you making these 3 homepage copywriting mistakes?"
How to make sure your Web copywriting is sharp, tight, and crisp
September, '15, "How to write a winning webinar invitation"
Important copywriting advice for marketers
August, '15, "How to make high profits from low-volume direct-mail campaigns"
Copywriting high-impact dimensional packages
July, '15, "Don’t blow it in the headline!"
What copywriters need to remember
June, '15, "How to create a killer offer -- a case history"
More ideas for copywriters and marketers
May, '15, "How to make them an offer they can't refuse"
How to copywrite an effective offer
April, '15, "How to make big profits from small mailers -- seven tips for copywriting postcards"
Proven copywriting techniques you can use now
March, '15, "Thirty email offers you can use now!"
For copywriters in search of compelling offers
February, '15, "That which we call a Rolls . . ."
Don't be afraid of copywriting with personality and emotion
January, '15, "Write it right in 2015 - Five New Year's resolutions for marketers"
What your copywriter needs to know in the new year
December, '14, "The right way to END a sales letter"
More direct mail and email copywriting advice
November, '14, "The right way to START a sales letter"
Direct mail copywriting advice

September, '14, "How to quadruple your email click-through rates - A case history"

Five copywriting mistakes and how to fix them
August, '14, "Email versus direct mail - Which makes sense for you?"
Copywriting advice on an important subject
July, '14, "Don't hide the benefits! (A case history)"
Five tips for copywriters and marketers
June, '14, "On finding your authentic voice"
It takes time for copywriters to perfect their art
May, '14, "Five tips for creating effective emails"
Valuable copywriting advice
April, '14, "Remember the à la mode! A quick analysis of two emails "
Copywriters should remember that their principal job is to sell!
March, '14, "Which should you spend your money on? Branding or benefits?"
A question every copywriter and marketer should answer
February, '14, "Email Marketing 2014  Trends, Best Practices & Case Studies"
This special offer will improve your email marketing results
January, '14, "A copywriter's advice on creating direct mail flyers"
Copywriting advice for direct mail success
December, '13, "Are you using this great direct response motivator?"
More copywriting advice to help boost response rates
November, '13, "Watch out for those copywriting clichés!"
Email copywriting advice
October, '13, "A great 'teaser' headline from the past"
A long-gone copywriter wrote a wonderful ad
September, '13, "It's time to test some testimonials"
How to use testimonials to boost response rates
August, '13, "Best words to use in a subject line"
Results of an email copywriting test
July, '13, "Copywriting the right way - A case history"
A great tag-line hits the jackpot
June, '13, "Power up your sales letter with a 'Johnson Box'"
Here's how to use a powerful copywriting tool
May, '13, "How to write a money-making order form"
Copywriting advice on how to make more sales
April, '13, "Re-position your way to higher profits - A case history"
Copywriting advice you shouldn't miss
March, '13, "How to write a winning headline for your email, web page, ad, or letter"
Copywriters should sell, not amuse or tease
February, '13, "When it comes to copywriting, it pays to be specific"
How a copywriter can make headlines more effective
December, '12, "Copywriting split test"
Email copywriting - why testing can dramatically improve results
November, '12, "How to get close to your customer - A case study"
Stop copywriting dead-end web pages, email, and direct mail
October, '12, "Macintosh and me - My (minor) brush with history"
Copywriting the first Apple software catalog
September, '12, "Results of a 'Subject line' split test"
There's lots to learn from email testing
August, '12, "How to write a killer landing page"
Seven copywriting ideas you can use now
July, '12, "The skinny on slogans"
A copywriter's guide to winning slogans and tag lines
June, '12, " Three ways to 'punch up' your writing "
Having trouble writing easily? This article's for you!
May, '12, "The formula for direct response copywriting success"
Proven ideas you can use now
April, '12, "How to 'bundle' your way to higher profits!"
A great way to put a powerful marketing technique to work
March, '12, "Copywriting for high tech, low tech, and no tech"
Advice from a freelance copywriter
February, '12, "Five great ways to use email marketing"
Copywriting advice for email marketers
January, '12, "A quick guide to better copywriting"
How to avoid "manufacturer's copy"
December, '11, "Should branding be used to sell peas . . . or politicians? "
A copywriter's take on politics
November, '11, " Ten great ways to start a sales letter "
Ten great ways to start a sales letter
October, '11, "The only thing we have to sell is fear itself "
Some thoughts about political language
September, '11, "How to create ads that generate profits"
Eight ways to make your ads pay
August, '11, "What's A Good Response Rate?"
An answer to an often-asked question
July, '11, "Dealing with doubt - An important job of the copywriter"
Some thoughts on handling skepticism
May, '11, "How to get your foot in the door"
A copywriter's guide to setting up a face-to-face meeting
April, '11, "The right way to write email subject lines"
Email Copywriting - The subject is the subject line
March, '11, "Five ways to make your fulfillment piece irresistible"
Explains a proven way to make your fulfillment piece a winner
February, '11, "Why benefits are more important than process"
A look at an insurance company's "positioning"
December, '10, "Marketing in a new vein"
Why benefits are more important than process
November, '10, "Come back Mr. Whipple!"
Add personality to your copywriting
October, '10, "Unlock the power of your landing page"
An example of a winning landing page
September, '10, " It's time to test a self-mailer"
Practical copywriting information you can use now
August, '10, " Testing! Testing!"
The variables you should be testing
July, '10, " When it comes to copywriting, think outside the box"
How divergent thinking can boost profits
June, '10, " Copywriting: The importance of persistence"
Practice. Practice. Practice.
May, '10, "How to make Search Engine Optimization make money for you"
Copywriting tricks and techniques
April, '10, "Living on Pretzel Time"
Copywriting for the Internet
March, '10, "How to choose the right direct mail format"
Self-mailer or letter package. Which one should you use?
February, '10, "Let's get Fresh!"
Avoiding copywriting clichés
January, '10, "Let me make you some money in 2010!"
The importance of a first-rate copywriter
December, '09, "An Art Director Or A Graphic Designer - Which One Is Right For You?"
What you should know about an important choice
November, '09, "Four ways to overcome skepticism"
How to get the prospect on your side
October, '09, "How to overcome a major obstacle to the sale - Fear of commitment"
Copywriters should close the sale without pressure
September, '09, "Do you know what you're really selling?"
Examples of the power of positioning
August, '09, "How to make headlines make money for you"
Direct response copywriting tips
July, '09, "Eight type and layout facts you need to know now"
Ideas for making your copywriting get read
June, '09, "Which email performance-metric should you use?"
Direct response copywriting tips
March, '09, "Don't Be Shy. Ask For The Sale!"
How a copywriter can get the prospect to act
Mid-November, '08, "Copywriting tips for making money in a tough economy"
Copywriting tips you can use now
October, '08, "P.S. I Love You"
How a copywriter can increase response rates with a P.S.
September, '08, "How small ads can be big money-makers"
Copywriting small direct response ads
August, '08, "PURLs of wisdom for direct marketers"
Ideas for direct response email marketers
May, '08, "How to "upsell" on the Web - A copywriting case history"
A time-tested way to increase sales and profits
April, '08, "The Inc. magazine "Pay what you want" offer - A case history follow-up"
A case history follow-up
March, '08, "How a copywriter can create a killer offer"
Copywriting the offer – Inc. magazine
February, '08, "My great (unpublished) marmalade campaign"
Copywriting an advertising campaign
August, '07: Five quick copywriting tips to remember
Every direct response copywriter should keep these in mind
July, '07: Don't Be Shy - A Direct Response Copywriter Asks For The Sale
A Direct Response Copywriter Asks For The Sale
May, '07: "This "magic word" still has its power"
For direct response copywriters, "FREE" still works
March, '07: "Two kinds of headlines. Which should YOU be using?"
Direct response copywriting - teaser vs. benefit headlines.
December, '06: "On a chilly December morning, this diligent copywriter sat down to work"
How to copywrite a high-impact marketing letter
November, '06: "Doing lead generation? Sell the offer, not the product!"
Generate leads by selling your offer, not the product
October, '06: "You Need A Lift!"
How to copywrite a lift letter
September, '06: "Eight Ideas For Better Brochures"
Tips for copywriting better brochures
August, '06: "When "Creativity" Can Kill"
A copywriter's guide to writing effective headlines
July, '06: "Quick answers to questions about how to copywrite a money-making sales letter "
Ten ways to improve your marketing or sales letter
June, '06: "Junk Mail Or Moneymaker? The Two-Second Decision"
Why it's so important to get to the point quickly
May, 06: "Make them an offer they can't refuse"
How to copywrite an effective offer

April, 06: "Six ways to guarantee direct mail success"
Practical tips you can use to make your guarantee more effective.

March, 06: "This is about 'you'"
Explains the difference between the writing styles of advertising agency
copywriters and direct response copywriters.
November, 05: "Watch out! E-mail isn't the same as paper mail!"
Outlines some crucial differences every copywriter should be aware of
August, '05, "Thoughts walking down the aisle"
Why it's important to write with personality and honesty
January, '05, "How to make fulfillment mailings make money -
Seven practical tips"

Great ideas for making your fulfillment materials more effective

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