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Make more money by cross selling!
May, 2016

To say that I'm not handy around the house is a huge understatement.
I guess I get it from my father. He almost died once trying to hang a picture.
And that's why, from time to time, I call on Mr. Handyman -- a home maintenance and repair franchise operation that's a godsend for someone like me.
I recently had a few things around the house that needed doing, so I called for an appointment. Mr. Handyman showed up on time, did the work well, and that was that.

Or so I thought.
Some weeks after the work was completed, I received a flyer in the mail from Mr. Handyman that was absolutely first-rate and illustrates perfectly how to "cross sell" effectively and profitably. Before we analyze the piece, let's ask the important question . . .
What exactly is cross-selling?
Cross-selling is a way to increase sales by actively offering
additional products or services to prospects.
The classic cross-sell takes place at the fast food joint. You order a burger and are immediately asked "Fries with that?" Maybe you weren't thinking of ordering fries but you reflexively say "Yes." The result? Extra revenue.
And now, back to my friend Mr. Handyman. If you want to see how this forward-looking franchise company cross-sells their customers:

As you see, Mr. Handyman isn't waiting patiently and passively for my faucets to start dripping again. 

The company is taking the initiative and proactively cross-selling products -- not just their repair service. And what a nice job they do! Here are some thoughts about their flyer:
# Look at the headline and subheadline: 
"Products for the home. Delivered and installed by Mr. Handyman." They are explicitly offering what my buddy Geoffrey Moore calls "the whole product solution." Mr. Handyman makes it so easy to say "Yes."
The snipe that says "Great Gift Ideas!" is itself a great idea. Maybe I don't want their products but I might want to give their products to someone else. They're broadening my options and opening me up to other purchasing possibilities.
Look how clean, attractive, and appealing the graphic design is. A wonderful job. Whoever designed this really knows what they're doing. (Do your collateral materials look as sharp as this? They should.)
Notice the third page with the headline, "For all your home repairs!" 
Mr. Handyman hasn't forgotten to remind the prospect of the company's core competency. Sure. They're trying to cross-sell you products, but they also remind you of the service they're known for.
The takeaway message this month?
It's important to always be on the lookout for cross-selling opportunities that can boost sales. McDonald's does it. Mr. Handyman does it. And you can do it too!

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