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A case history

July, 2013


ITT Technical Institute and Heald College are both vocational/trade schools.


Both institutions are trying to attract the same target audience -- typically less-affluent young people who aren't going to college but want to learn a trade. Like medical assistant, pharmacy technician, corrections officer.


One of the important differences between the two institutions' marketing efforts is the quality of their copywriting.


ITT's materials seem to me boring and unmotivating.


Heald College uses copy that's crisp, direct, and compelling.


Let me give you an example. Here are the tag lines used in their recent TV commercials.


ITT Technical Institute. Education for the future.


Heald College. Get in. Get out. Get ahead.


"Education for the future." That's a line that anyone can generate in two seconds. It's flat. Bland. Easy.


"Get in. Get out. Get ahead."


Now that's a line that was obviously created by a copywriter who was thinking! The writer understood that his/her young target audience probably doesn't like school very much and wants to start earning a living quickly.


The punchiness of the three sentences delivers the whole story, and a compelling promise, instantly.


"Get in. Get out. Get ahead."


I love it!


My advice? If you're writing copy, evaluating copy, or working with a freelance copywriter, don't settle for the bland and meaningless lines that you come across every day. Dead-on-delivery lines like . . .


Sutter health. We plus you.


Lincoln Financial Group. You're in charge.

Town Center. Created with life in mind.


Work with a copywriter who's trying hard to turn tire-kickers into paying customers. Who's interested first and foremost in making you money.


What kind of results can powerful, compelling copywriting get for you? To find out . . .






Feel free to get in touch any time if you want me to write a money-making email, home page, landing page, letter, or anything else for you.


Let's go to work!

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