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Which works better . . .
"Image" or direct response advertising?
September, 2016

As you turn the pages of your favorite magazine, you'll find that most ads fall into one of two categories:

They are either "image" ads or direct response ads. 

Here are some rough-and-ready definitions that should make the distinction between them clear.

An image ad attempts to influence the reader's perception of a company, product, or service. The ad isn't trying to communicate a lot of facts, or convince a prospect to call an 800 number. 

Instead, its goal is to create a positive mental picture or "image" in the mind of the prospect. This image attempts to link the advertiser's product, service, or company to a specific lifestyle or set of values. Think perfume, high fashion, and automobile company advertising.

Direct response ads attempt to generate immediate action. They try to get the prospect to "act now" and order the product immediately or request more product information. 

In order to inspire immediate action, direct response copywriters have to be terrific motivators. They must explain key benefits, overcome inertia and skepticism, and ask for the sale. Think Franklin Mint, Sharper Image, and all inflight-magazine advertising.

So . . . which type of advertising do I think is more effective?

My answer, of course, is that "it all depends." Even though I'm a direct response copywriter, I certainly understand and appreciate the enormous value of image advertising.

For example, Louis Vuitton is all about image, so their ads should do nothing more than show a gorgeous model with a handbag and include the famous Louis Vuitton name at the bottom of the ad. The whole point is to create a sense of sophistication and chic. Including any aggressive sales copy or "call to action" instantly destroys the fragile mystique that is at the heart of the brand's identity.

Of course, your company is not named Louis Vuitton. 
Or DeBeers. Or Porsche.

Most likely, you've got a modest marketing budget and are in a hurry to generate hot, qualified leads that you can turn into sales. That's why I urge you to stay away from image advertising and put the proven techniques of direct marketing copywriting to work for your business. In advertising. In direct mail. In highly targeted opt-in email.

The bottom line?

If you have a huge advertising budget, and want to spend it creating a unique image for your company, by all means, go for it.

However, if what you really want to do is generate qualified leads or immediate revenue, talk with a highly experienced direct response copywriter.

Who should you call? I know just the guy.

Want me to copywrite some email for you, or a home page, a landing page, a sales letter, whatever? Call me at 415-461-0672. By the way, my fees are probably much lower than you think, so get in touch and let me give you a quote. Let's go to work!
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