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Bullets make powerful marketing ammo!
November, 2016

Marketers these days have to worry about big, important issues . . . open rates, click-through rates, Web site "stickiness," you name it.

But, as we all know, marketing success also hinges on how you handle all the little details. In other words, how you execute.

So let's jump from the strategic to the micro-tactical level and take a look at a narrow, seemingly trivial subject.

Let's talk about "bullets."

DEFINITION: A bullet is a dot, or other symbol, followed by a short sentence or phrase that's used to communicate information very quickly.
  • This is an example of a bullet.
"Big deal. So what about it?" you ask.

The answer is, even a humble list of bullets can be transformed into a powerful selling tool if you handle it the right way. And many marketers don't.

Let me give you an example . . . Let's pretend that the publisher of a new Contact Management software product is writing a lead-generation email to prospects. 

She's trying to get the reader to request a free brochure titled "Unlocking the Power of Contact Management Software."

Here is how the bullet list, positioned in the middle of the email, might be written the WRONG way:

Download your free brochure now. It will explain how our software:
  • Increases your productivity
  • Tracks all activities within every account
  • Allows you to manage the sales process
  • Keeps you in touch with valued customers
  • Is fully Web-integrated
  • Works on the Mac and Android platforms
What's wrong with this copy? The set-up lines, leading into the bullets, are flat and unmotivating. And the bullets items themselves are dead. There is no selling going on!

Now, let's rewrite the passage and add a little OOMPH . . .

Why is it so important for you to download our "must read" free brochure right now? Because it provides proven, practical ideas for quickly and dramatically increasing sales. 

I'm talking about out-of-the-box, money-making ideas you just can't find anyplace else. For example, we'll show you . . .
  • Five ways to get a flood of great new leads coming down the pipeline! (Page 4.) (It's worth downloading your free brochure for this information alone!)
  • Three techniques for closing sales in half the time! (Page 5.)
  • How to launch a money-making, non-spamming, email sales campaign with just three clicks of your mouse. (Page 6.)
  • The five biggest mistakes salespeople make -- and how you can avoid them! (Page 8.)
  • How five real-life salespeople use our software to increase their income by 45% -- and how you can too! (Page 11.)
  • And that's just for starters!
See what I mean? A little thought, a little energy, and things come to life.

The takeaway message this month . . .

If you pay attention to the details, and try to make every single part of your email, web page, or letter truly motivating, you can dramatically increase response rates.

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