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The right way to write FAQs
November, 2015
FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) pages appear on many web sites. But all too often, they're an afterthought, a throwaway.
Big mistake.
You see copy research proves that FAQs get high readership. No surprise. Prospects go to FAQ pages because they know they'll get to-the-point information about products specs, the guarantee, return policies, etc.
Here are some proven tips that can help add some punch to your next FAQ section:
1. Give your FAQ section a title.
Always try to warm things up with a little personality. So instead of simply titling your FAQ page:

Frequently Asked Questions
. . . add a subheadline underneath those words. For example, you can add subheadlines like these:
Five commonly asked questions about contact management
We have answers to these important database-mining questions
How to select tax preparation software -- straight answers to tough questions.
2. Use a conversational tone.
A lot of FAQs are written in an uptight and formal style. A typical question might read, "Who can benefit from law practice management software?"
This is cold. Impersonal. Wouldn't it be better to sound like a flesh and blood human being and ask a real question?
"Managing my practice is getting out of control. Can your software
really handle case and client records, billing, bookkeeping, schedules compliance requirements, and more?"

3. Use FAQs to overcome obstacles to the sale.
An FAQ section can deal with more than "facts." It's also the place to overcome your prospects' doubts and skepticism. What your copywriter needs to do is to pick up on their concerns, then overcome their doubts with facts and persuasive arguments. 

In other words, don't waste space restating benefits that are explained elsewhere on your site. Use FAQs to articulate consumers' concerns and deal with them forthrightly.

4. Use the right number of FAQs.
If all your FAQs are on one web page, I think about five or six is a good number to deal with. If you add too many more it can start to get dense and boring.
However, there is a good alternative. You can simply list twenty questions or so as links that can be clicked on. Each click takes the prospect to a unique answer page. It's a great way to handle a lot of FAQs!

5. Include the guarantee.
If you offer a solid guarantee, do ask a question about it.
Q. What happens if I order your software and find out that it doesn't meet my needs?
A. No problem. Just return it within 30 days and we'll promptly refund your money, no questions asked. There's no risk or obligation of any kind.
Since I'm writing about Frequently Asked Questions, let me ask you one: What do you say you get in touch and have me write your next homepage, webinar invitation, email, landing page, sales letter, you name it? I'd love to help you increase your response rates, sales, and profits. Let's go to work!
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