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SEO Secrets . . . from the source!
June, 2016

When I'm writing for the web, I have to do more than be persuasive. 

I have to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) copywriting techniques that can help my clients get high search rankings.

So what are the proven techniques that can make you an SEO winner?

You'll get extremely helpful answers to this question when you go to the source . . . Google!

You see, Google has prepared a fabulous, 32-page FREE guide that gives you the inside scoop on how to improve your search ranking. And hey, they ought to know.

Here's just some of what Google has waiting for you . . .
    • How to create unique, accurate page titles
    • The best way to use the "description" meta tag
    • How to improve your site structure
    • The best way to optimize content
    • How to write better "anchor text"
    • Optimizing your use of images
    • Use heading tags the right way
    • Dealing with "crawlers"
    • And much more!
NOTE: I've been following Google's advice for years and my most important search term, "email copywriter," currently comes up sixth out of 863,000 results. No wonder I'm a believer!
Get Google's free guide!
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