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July, 2016

On LinkedIn you'll find the profiles of many people who proclaim their "passion" for marketing, or project management, or whatever.
And businesses of all kinds these days claims to be "passionate" about what they do. Take Microsoft for example. A recent tag-line is:
"Your potential. Our passion."
Frankly, I think this line is overblown and unbelievable. I mean, is Microsoft really passionate about my potential or yours? Of course not. I think it would be far better for Microsoft to let me take care of my potential and for them to become more passionate about operating-system security.
If you're wondering why copywriters are giving "passion" a lot of air-play these days, let me suggest a simple answer: If you are a copywriter who doesn't want to bother doing a whole lot of thinking, you write what everybody else is writing. The loser? The client who's paying the bills. 
How much better it is when your copywriter thinks!
Let me give you a wonderful example of some thoughtful writing, not from my own work, but from a very unexpected source.
I was walking in San Francisco a while ago and passed a house painter's little van that was parked on the street. Here's what the sign on the side-panel said:
Persnickety Painters.
We care a little too much.
(415) 203-2858
I just love that! The name of the firm, Persnickety Painters, is loaded with personality and suggests that jobs are done carefully and professionally. The wonderful subheadline is a little joke at the company's own expense, suggesting that they're aware of their obsession for persnickety perfection.
The take-away message this month?
Don't settle for the mindless phrase-du-jour that everyone else is using. Work hard to find the magic words that will motivate your readers and get them to act.

And don't forget to keep passion where it really belongs.

In the bedroom. Not the headline.


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