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How to overcome a major obstacle to the sale -
Fear of commitment

October, 2009

You know, twenty-something men aren't the only ones who have a fear of commitment.
All of us are reluctant to sign a contract or commit to a purchase that involves a lot of money. We're cautious and skeptical, and well we should be.
And great salespeople know this. They've learned that when they're trying to make a sale, they should always downplay the need for the prospect to make an irrevocable commitment.
Let me give you an example.
Insurance agents are instructed to never use the word "contract" when they're selling a prospect. The word is way too legalistic and can turn people off. Instead, when they want the prospect to sign on the dotted line, they're told to point to the signature line, and say, "I just need your ok here and we're all set." The takeaway lesson is that how you handle the final "close," and reduce the prospect's commitment-anxiety, is crucially important to making the sale.
Here's another (very small) example of what I mean.
On the Levison Letter "Back Issues" page of my Web site, where I'm asking people to sign up for my e-newsletter, I write:
"Check out these recent back issues of the Levison Letter, then sign up for your own monthly subscription and 101 Ways to Double Your Response Rates report absolutely FREE! (What have you got to lose? You can unsubscribe any time with one click!)"

As you can see, the last two sentences in parentheses are an attempt to give the potential subscriber an out; to reduce the sense of commitment that comes with signing up for a subscription to yet another e-zine.
One final point . . .
As you may know, there's a sales technique, made famous in David Mamet's play Glengarry Glen Ross, that's based on the acronym "A-B-C." This stands for "Always Be Closing." The sales person is instructed to go for the close from the get-go and keep the pressure up every step of the way.
My personal sales approach is rather different. I believe that one should "N-B-C" or "Never Be Closing." Or to put it more seriously and realistically, one should close the sale at the appropriate moment while all the time reducing anxiety and the fear of commitment that may sabotage the sale.


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