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January, 2010

At the end of every year, the media compile lists of the famous celebrities who have passed on during the previous twelve months.


Well, I want to propose that we pause for a moment and raise our glasses to the brands that have died over the last year.


Yes, brands, just like people, pass on to the great beyond, never to be seen again. For various reasons 2009 saw the demise of:

  •  Circuit City

  •  Saturn

  •  Pontiac

  •  MSN Encarta

  •  Kodachrome

  •  Max Factor

  •  Gourmet Magazine  . . . among others

The question for you is, how can you make sure that your brand prospers in 2010 and builds profits like never before.


The answer, in a word, is "me."


Yes, I know this sounds a bit grandiose, but think about it for a moment. No matter how big the organization that I work for is, when prospects are reading my copy, I am the most important person in that company.


This isn't ego. The simple truth is . . .


The copywriter is the interface

between the prospect and your entire company.


When I write for Microsoft and the reader opens my letter, Bill Gates doesn't count at all. I am the one who has to grab the reader's attention, explain the product's features and benefits, overcome objections, and close the sale.


Let me do this for you in 2010!


If you've got terrific copywriters in house, you're in good shape. If, however, you want to order some great copywriting talent a la carte, give me a call.


I know how to motivate readers and make them respond in record numbers. No wonder Intel, Microsoft, Fireman's Fund, Bank of America, and all my other wonderful clients, large and small, call on me to solve their toughest communications problems.


They know that my direct mail and ad copy gets results and makes them money. It's as simple as that.


If you want to explore new ways of dramatically increasing sales by unlocking the power of motivating copy, I urge you to call me at (415) 461-0672 immediately. Let's make 2010 a huge winner for you.


Warmest regards,



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